Author Guidelines

IJMST solicits articles and papers on contemporary business and technological issues by academicians, practicing managers and students. The journal is published with the aim of providing well conceptualized and scholarly perspectives, edited for easy reading by managers and technocrats. Authors may adopt the tone and content of their articles accordingly.

Articles must be sent by e-mail to Email: or Email:
The length of article should be between 5000 to 7000 words. Each article must be accompanied with an abstract followed by relevant keywords of 150-200 words.
All drawings, graphs, and tables should be provided on separate pages.
The author's name, designation, and affiliation must be provided on a separate sheet.
Editorial decisions will be communicated within a period of 4 weeks of the receipt of manuscript.
References must follow APA style sheet.
Payment of honorarium will follow publication.
Tables should be numbered consecutively. The title of the table should be placed above the table. The source should be indicated at the bottom.
References should be included at the end of the paper. All the references should be cited in the body of the text. References and citations should be complete in all respect and arranged in alphabetical order.
Articles submitted for consideration in IJMST should be accompanied with a declaration by the author that they have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

The manuscript should be in MS-WORD format. Manuscript must be double spaced, with 1 inch margin with "Times New Roman" font size 12, black.
In tables raw codes should not appear. The factors should be proper statements labeled as per the paper and need to be written than being presented in the form of SPSS codes.

Note: The Journal and the Board Members (Editorial, advisory and reviewer) do not bear any responsibility for views expressed by the authors in their research papers. Any problem related to the article (Plagiarism, Grammatical, Contents and Spelling mistakes, publishing articles in more than one Journal, etc) is the sole responsibility of the author and Journal ( bears no responsibility for that.