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Volume 6 Issue 01 - July, 2018

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Maren_Omondi Maren Omondi

Gerishom Wafula Manase Gerishom Wafula Manase

The Effect Of Staff Involvement In Setting Institutional Objectives On Curriculum Delivery At MOI Institute Of Technology

The study determined the effect of staff involvement in setting institutional objectives on curriculum delivery at MIT. The study findings would be useful to principals of technical institutions, managers and supervisors from both public and private organizations. The ministry of education would also use the findings to strengthen the case of enactment of MBO. The study employed both quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study concluded that the entire staff was not involved in objective setting. The study recommended that both lecturers and BOM staff should be involved in setting objectives, action planning should be given priority and finally frequent meetings to review progress should be held.