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Volume 5 Issue 04 - September, 2017

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Dr. Kadian Wanyonyi Wanyama Dr. Kadian Wanyonyi Wanyama

Mr. Fredrick Kimtai Kibera Mr. Fredrick Kimtai Kibera

Dr. Kennedy Ntabo Otiso Dr. Kennedy Ntabo Otiso

Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Performance of Commercial Banks in Busia County, Kenya

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of corporate social responsibility on the performance of commercial banks in Busia County, Kenya. The specific objective was to determine the effect of economic aspects of CSR on the performance of commercial banks, Busia County. The study was anchored on the Edward Freeman’s Stakeholder Theory. The study employed a descriptive survey and correlational research designs. The target population was 40 employees comprising of Managers, Operational Managers, Financial Managers, marketing managers and Human Resource Managers. Census sampling technique was use to select the entire target population of 40 respondents. The questionnaires and the interview schedules were used to collect primary data. Validity was determined by use of content validity while reliability by use Cronbach alpha. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were used to analyse the data collected by use SPSS version 20. More...